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about us

KAM energy production trade and industry incorporated company was established with four business partners in KAHRAMANMARAŞ İN 2006 in order to function in electricity production . Belonging to the company Torlar Power Plant Project, existing on the Körsulu stream in the Çınarpınar neighborhood and 38 km far from Kahramanmaraş city center,has the capacity of 15.294 MWm / 14,834 MWe electricity production.it produces yearly 34.980.000 Kwh electricity. The building of power plant was completed and started up in february, 2013.The importance of the Project, canal type power plant which has 2.347 mt. tunnel and 66 mt clear downfall of water, can be more understood when considered from the perspective of environmental awareness and the energy gap in our country. KAM ENERGY which works with the mission of contributing to the development of our country both economically and environmentally,contibutes also to the local development of the area by means of employing its workers from the local people. KAM ENERGY contributes to the domestic economy and development of employment and protect the environment by means of renewable energy investments which is the symbol of philosophy of giving next generations a sustainable environment and reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions . KAM ENERGY will continue to keep Turkey’s future clean and to work with might and main to develop with our domestic resources.




We are producing environment- friendly clear energy .Our power plant in KAHRAMANMARAŞ is also worldwide qualified ,safe and environment- friendly institution.


It paricipates to the economy of country with domestic and natural energy.we are emloying many workers in our institution.


All necessarry precautions in our business are taken carefully for the security of the work and workers.


To meet energy need in our country as domestic capital and to produce qualified ,long term,safe and environment friendly energy


Kam Enerji Uretim Tic. ve San. A.S.
Gaziantep Yolu 2. Km. 46080
Phone :+90 344 236 44 80
Fax :
+90 344 236 44 83
E-Mail : info@kamenerji.com.tr
Kam Enerji Uretim Tic. ve San. A.S.
Cinarpinar Mah. Karbasan Mevkii Torlar HES
12 Subat/Kahramanmaras/TURKEY
Phone : +90 344 502 00 00
Phone 2 :
+90 344 502 00 01
E-Mail : info@kamenerji.com.tr
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